Friday, October 30, 2015

today we wet to watch science in the van allen and Emily in hsgd ar henslowe fest we sdtid to talk about mater and the pend Emily snod us to plow an a btone with owt us up as.she photo sums and sums to make guess the guess mad the boom  to plou it wot vee nsdate that allen told us sum fast about wot catenin and he uuo us if the is enten in the cup we said no the sus sed yes the ite sed yes matd he said head the top mat is gas like the ere well it is the sne.he told us to pot your hand up if we wanted to we the top 5 to wemo is at the end of the sow he ada 3 cups tte sed the blow wot in the cap and nothing came out because he pot sot no the sde of one the in the wos cool.         

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  1. Kai ora Tamati

    This is lerisah I like the way you have told me about science in a van.But you have made a few mistakes in your mahi could you please change them Them

    Thank you